Fall Photoshoot with Crystal Jade (@illxinstincts )

What's good everybody? Sorry, was on a bit of a hiatus as I locked myself in the lab to work on The Uncle Billy Tape 2, and other features soon to come. With that said we here at AMF are gearing up to hit you with tons of content in the next few weeks. Cookin' Up with Civil will debut  this month, and I have a few tracks I'm going to drop to get you ready for Uncle Billy 2. 

Enough about that though. This post is for the beard lovers out there as I had a great photoshoot with Crystal Jade. Now all of my twitter followers know I hold them down with the beard selfies but you can never go wrong with working with a talented photographer who can create some really beautiful shots. Crystal Jade is on the come up and has an ill vision. I also appreciate how she works to get the shots perfected as she is taking the photo, rather than applying filters in post-production. It brings her photos to life and adds more of a natural look. 

Before getting to the shots, here's a little more about Crystal. 

Crystal Jade is a visual artist who has worked with numerous mediums. From her early work in the realms of sculpture and mixed media to her current concentration in photography, Crystal continues to expand her knowledge and abilities as an artist while leaving room for experimentation along the way. One of her primary goals as creator is to maintain a great level of authenticity when photographing people. Though she uses Adobe Lightroom, Crystal Jade strives to make the editing process as minimal as possible; "If I need to spend more than 15 minutes editing a photo, I probably could have taken a better one to begin with. I'm working with real people. Everyone I choose to work with highlights a part of my vision. Excessively editing a photo to alter someone's appearance isn't necessary when I can find an individual who will have exactly what my vision calls for." Crystal aims to create unique, thought-provoking narratives for her audience in a manner that differs from anything they've viewed before. She is currently working on conceptual pieces and looks forward to sharing them in the near future. 

On to the shots (click the photo to see the rest of the shoot).




I HIGHLY recommend Crystal though her work pretty much speaks for itself. If you're interested in booking or want to check out more of her awesome photos, I've included all of her links below.

instagram.com/illusiveinstincts iinstincts.vsco.com
illusiveinstincts.wordpress.com (blog and behind-the-scenes info)



-Always Moving Forward