B26 is on its way. Still about Just US.

It's been a long road for me as an artist. Especially one who does everything from my beats to my videos and literally everything in between. Its definitely been tough but I feel that ultimately it has made me a better and stronger artist in the long run. Being completely independent means I don't have to sacrifice my integrity to put out content and I am excited about what that means for B26 so stay tuned.

In the coming months I'll be delivering new music as well as documenting the B26 process as well as the ideas and people that helped shape the project. Also going to be updating this site weekly so tune in for more blog postings (we're going to have a lot more pop culture based posts as well). 

At this time I also thought It was fitting that I dropped the "Justus" and fully became Civil. I will always be about Justice for US but I think its time I step forward into this new phase of my artistry and career. Also I want to show people how diverse and multidimensional I truly am.

Once again thank you for the support, and everything I do from here forward is for all those who have supported me since day one and all the new folks who show up everyday. 

Always Moving Forward,


Buggin' Out Official Video out Now

Happy New Year!

We're back for 2016 and shaping up to be better than ever. I'm so excited for this new year as we've got Civil's #WCW shaping up in a big way, brand new merchandise, & of course some great music as I'm gearing up to drop my debut album B26.

With that said, checkout the latest visual I dropped for the first track off of b26 entitled "Buggin' Out". This track and video pays homage to Do The Right Thing and Buggin' Out, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghostface's Mighty Healthy, and has a slew of other nods. You know I always have to rep for BK in everything I do and this embodies it right here. Check out Buggin' Out, Written, Produced & Directed by Civil JustUs and filmed by Yung Grandfather.


Always Moving Forward,

Pope Civil

Recapping 4th of July

Happy 4th of July

Didn't sit well with some folks

Bluenote official music video (Directed by Civil JustUs)

Peace everybody, We're gearing up for the summer so I have a ton of new content coming for yall. This summer we're finally dropping The Uncle Billy Tape Part 2. Bluenote is the second video from that project. Peep the "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka" nod in the video. 

Like, Comment, & Share The Official music video for Bluenote is Directed and edited by Civil JustUs. Special thanks to Thomo (Twitter @Dhatkidthomo), Skip (Twitter: @SkipToMyLooo) Shoop (Twitter @Only1shoop) and Chaka Davis of Graffiti Lyfe. Bluenote is the latest single off of Civil Justus' upcoming mixtape The Uncle Billy Tape Part 2.

The Stigmas of Depression in the Black & Latino Community

Let me preface this by saying I'm no psychologist, psychiatrist or expert within the field. This post isn't going to have a bunch of statistics and numbers thrown at you. I'm just writing and speaking from the heart and my experiences, but it is clear that depression is a big issue in our community. Many of us have been programmed in ways in which we have no idea how to deal with such a thing. Many of us who have been or are depressed don't even want to acknowledge it as such and thats because there are so many stigmas within our community in regards to depression. This line of thinking is hurting us.

As men we are taught to "man up" and hold our feelings inside as to not seem vulnerable. No one wants to seem vulnerable when in our communities we have to be continuously on guard and always defending ourselves. You don't want to seem weak because you don't want to be a target. Also you don't want to seem weak because patriarchy tells you that you have to be "the Man" of the house. This often leads to destructive and unhealthy behaviors as you are conditioned to bottle all of your emotions in. Such has been the case with me. 

Women often are tasked with raising our families on their own, so they often don't want to risk breaking down because feel like they are holding our family's up. Again comes the bottling up. 

Also at times when you do open up, people will try to tell you that you aren't unique and that "we all go through it". This to me is another unhealthy way of going about things. If we are all going through it, then we should be more constructive when it comes to discussing this issue. Too often we write people off as "complainers" or "whiners" when they are talking about what they are going through, and it only makes people want to bottle it in further. 

There is also this stigma against seeking help. We don't want people to think we're "crazy". We also go really hard to convince ourselves that our issues aren't that bad and we can fight it. We are a very strong and resilient people, but sometimes we do need help whether it is professional help or reaching out to loved ones. We can't continue being afraid of being vulnerable, especially with regards to each other because there's a lot more of us going through these things than people are letting on.

I just wanted to get this off my chest because I've seen the impact that bottling all this stuff in can have on you, and if you think about it you probably have too. Often our depression manifests in alcoholism, drug abuse and other unhealthy ways because we don't know what else to do. Instead of opening up about my problems I damaged relationships with those I deeply cared about because I was so scared of being weak and being open. Its unfair in our community that we always have to be strong and it shouldn't be that way. Your pain should not be trivialized. If you need to talk about it, talk about it. If you need to write, then do that. And if you need to get help, please seek help. I'm speaking to the brothers and sisters out there who because of our culture are scared to vocalize what they are going through. I've been there, I'm there now. I love my culture and people but we need to grow in the empathy department, especially in regards to men. We raise our sons to never shed a tear and often that pain comes out in different ways. 

Depression is an illness and has nothing to do with you as a person. With all these stigmas we are silencing a huge portion of our community and we need to look out for each other a little bit more if we're all going to grow. 

So if you're currently going through it get the help and/or resolve that you need and fuck the stigmas (for lack of a better word). If you need to cry, If you need to talk about it, if you need to get help, if you need to call someone, its ok. 

We need to be more supportive of those going through depression. Instead of telling them what they need to do to get better how about we listen?

Sorry if this reads all over the place, I just felt compelled to write this.


Always Moving Forward





The fact that #ALLLIVESMATTER has gained traction as an alternative to #BlackLivesMatter shows just how much Black lives really don't matter to a lot of people. They (specifically white people under the guise as ("allies") feel bothered that Black people are speaking out and organizing against the system that has been designed to oppress them. ALL LIVES aren't the target of consistent police brutality and corruption. Yes the victims of police brutality spend across many ethnicities and colors. But It is Us who go through this shit EVERYDAY. Everyday we have to worry if we are going to be the next Eric Garner or Anthony Baez, or Aiyana Jones or Rekia Boyd. Instead of listening and supporting as allies people let their egos derail other's experience just so they can say they were "down with the movement". If you need further evidence of this just check out some of the responses to this tweet. Fuck that. Black Lives are going to matter one way or the other, and we are showing that everyday fighting whether online or the streets. Wherever your voice can be heard. 

Also don't hesitate on checking people, thats how we grow. If you see people partaking in problematic behavior, or those refusing to check their privilege call them on it. Our comrades will be willing to do introspection and want to know why what they are doing is problematic. Those who refuse to are not your allies or comrades. 

Always Moving Forward. Siempre Palante!

All Power to OUR People

(Photos taken and lookout by @YungGrandfather



Cookin' Up With Civil Episode 1

Hey everybody like I said a few weeks ago CivilJustus.com is gearing up to bring you constant content from Don Beardo AKA Civil Justus as well as content from other artists and outlets. Cookin' Up With Civil is the latest feature on Civiljustus.com where I let you into my kitchen so you can see the whole creative process. This show is specifically dedicated to my Twitter and Instagram followers who requested that this show happen, so peace y'all. 

For episode 1 Twitter user @BitchPuddingO_o suggested I make Waffle Batter Fried Chicken, and it sounded like an awesome idea so I said why not. We had a few technical difficulties as typical with a Pilot episode. We made it happen though and without further interruptions (unless your wifi is trash) I bring you Cookin' Up with Civil Episode 1 (New Jack Civil).

Songs featured this week are Supreme and Bluenote which will be on my upcoming mixtape The Uncle Billy Tape 2. 

Let us know what you think and if there's anything you'd like to see me make on future episodes. We are going to be adding a lot of variety to this show including interviews and special features and guests. Stay tuned (Make sure you watch in HD to get the Beard in all its awesomeness  haha)

Always Moving Forward. 


Fall Photoshoot with Crystal Jade (@illxinstincts )

What's good everybody? Sorry, was on a bit of a hiatus as I locked myself in the lab to work on The Uncle Billy Tape 2, and other features soon to come. With that said we here at AMF are gearing up to hit you with tons of content in the next few weeks. Cookin' Up with Civil will debut  this month, and I have a few tracks I'm going to drop to get you ready for Uncle Billy 2. 

Enough about that though. This post is for the beard lovers out there as I had a great photoshoot with Crystal Jade. Now all of my twitter followers know I hold them down with the beard selfies but you can never go wrong with working with a talented photographer who can create some really beautiful shots. Crystal Jade is on the come up and has an ill vision. I also appreciate how she works to get the shots perfected as she is taking the photo, rather than applying filters in post-production. It brings her photos to life and adds more of a natural look. 

Before getting to the shots, here's a little more about Crystal. 

Crystal Jade is a visual artist who has worked with numerous mediums. From her early work in the realms of sculpture and mixed media to her current concentration in photography, Crystal continues to expand her knowledge and abilities as an artist while leaving room for experimentation along the way. One of her primary goals as creator is to maintain a great level of authenticity when photographing people. Though she uses Adobe Lightroom, Crystal Jade strives to make the editing process as minimal as possible; "If I need to spend more than 15 minutes editing a photo, I probably could have taken a better one to begin with. I'm working with real people. Everyone I choose to work with highlights a part of my vision. Excessively editing a photo to alter someone's appearance isn't necessary when I can find an individual who will have exactly what my vision calls for." Crystal aims to create unique, thought-provoking narratives for her audience in a manner that differs from anything they've viewed before. She is currently working on conceptual pieces and looks forward to sharing them in the near future. 

On to the shots (click the photo to see the rest of the shoot).




I HIGHLY recommend Crystal though her work pretty much speaks for itself. If you're interested in booking or want to check out more of her awesome photos, I've included all of her links below.

instagram.com/illusiveinstincts iinstincts.vsco.com
illusiveinstincts.wordpress.com (blog and behind-the-scenes info)



-Always Moving Forward