B26 is on its way. Still about Just US.

It's been a long road for me as an artist. Especially one who does everything from my beats to my videos and literally everything in between. Its definitely been tough but I feel that ultimately it has made me a better and stronger artist in the long run. Being completely independent means I don't have to sacrifice my integrity to put out content and I am excited about what that means for B26 so stay tuned.

In the coming months I'll be delivering new music as well as documenting the B26 process as well as the ideas and people that helped shape the project. Also going to be updating this site weekly so tune in for more blog postings (we're going to have a lot more pop culture based posts as well). 

At this time I also thought It was fitting that I dropped the "Justus" and fully became Civil. I will always be about Justice for US but I think its time I step forward into this new phase of my artistry and career. Also I want to show people how diverse and multidimensional I truly am.

Once again thank you for the support, and everything I do from here forward is for all those who have supported me since day one and all the new folks who show up everyday. 

Always Moving Forward,