The fact that #ALLLIVESMATTER has gained traction as an alternative to #BlackLivesMatter shows just how much Black lives really don't matter to a lot of people. They (specifically white people under the guise as ("allies") feel bothered that Black people are speaking out and organizing against the system that has been designed to oppress them. ALL LIVES aren't the target of consistent police brutality and corruption. Yes the victims of police brutality spend across many ethnicities and colors. But It is Us who go through this shit EVERYDAY. Everyday we have to worry if we are going to be the next Eric Garner or Anthony Baez, or Aiyana Jones or Rekia Boyd. Instead of listening and supporting as allies people let their egos derail other's experience just so they can say they were "down with the movement". If you need further evidence of this just check out some of the responses to this tweet. Fuck that. Black Lives are going to matter one way or the other, and we are showing that everyday fighting whether online or the streets. Wherever your voice can be heard. 

Also don't hesitate on checking people, thats how we grow. If you see people partaking in problematic behavior, or those refusing to check their privilege call them on it. Our comrades will be willing to do introspection and want to know why what they are doing is problematic. Those who refuse to are not your allies or comrades. 

Always Moving Forward. Siempre Palante!

All Power to OUR People

(Photos taken and lookout by @YungGrandfather