See Through Official Music Video Out Today

I'm excited and pleased to bring you the visual for See Through. This is probably my favorite track off of The Uncle Billy Tape from the sample to my instrumentation. I went with my gut on the track and there's a lot of improvisation from the Lyrics and flow to the actual inspiration. The video isn't like this however. From the moment I finished recording See Through a year ago, I saw this video. I've had this vision in my mind for a year and I am glad that I can bring that to fruition and share this with you. I shot all of the footage, that I'm not performing in, edited and directed this work. This is Civil's vision in the purest form. With that said, once again I'd like to thank the women who were a part of this and helped bring it to the next level. You embody the spirit that I felt when making this song. I hope with this video you, the viewer feel that spirit too. Peace & Let us know what you think of See Through. (Make sure you watch it in HD)